Stop whining and get with The Progromme

Stop whining and get with The Progromme

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Militarization of American Police Departments

"The Sovereignty Papers" Number 3, August 3, 2006

"The Militarization of American Police Departments"

By Greg Evensen, Author of "The Sovereignty Papers".

As a former state police trooper, I can state unequivocally, that I oppose the move away from local policing to heavily armed "we’re all part of the same national quasi-military police force" unofficial policy. You need look no further than New Orleans after Katrina. You could watch California Highway Patrol and many other agencies going door to door, disarming innocent civilian victims of gangs and criminals. Police officers were on a rampage to confiscate firearms from those people trying to protect themselves. Observing this was to incite a first class riot in my home.

It was bad enough to watch these poor helpless, but courageous civilians, defending themselves against absolute terrorists who spoke "Ebonics" and Spanish. It was horrendous to watch the suffering of old men and women abandoned by families or simply unable to leave before the storm hit. But it was simply heartbreaking to see beefy, skin-headed officers prying a shotgun out of the hands of men and women whose only "crime" was that they tried to keep themselves alive while the "officers" ran for the hills.

We have become accustomed to standing quietly on the sidelines while our local Police Chiefs and Sheriffs have accepted huge amounts of federal dollars and military equipment for their special response units all under a variety of sinister names and special standing orders. Once they took the cash, they were handcuffed to the Feds for whatever future "mission" some whacked out Special Agent from the XYZ Bureau dreamed up for a little publicity (like Waco) and "show of force." This is to soften up the American public in case they had thoughts of fending for themselves or decisively telling these servants that they weren’t needed, thank you. But then, a well armed citizenry doesn’t fit the UN model of a disarmed nation bowing before the machine-gun toting black clad soldiers of the Omaha, Atlanta or Dayton police departments. Let’s see, black uniforms, coal bucket style helmets, machine-guns at every corner-----I feel a time trip coming on to Berlin in 1942.

The excuse being used for starting, equipping and using these "teams" is that we are under siege and cannot let common criminals (99.65% of the unlawful element in society) take down our cities. The other .35% of the safety and security issue in the USA is found in sleeper cells and devotees of world class Jihad’s. These are thugs truly worth special response teams from federal agencies finding and destroying their efforts before they ignite the big blast.

I simply do not understand the thinking of upper level criminal justice system masters who have not recently, if ever, read their US or state constitution in regard to the public’s right to privacy and self-protection. Issues regarding the 2nd amendment, due process, limited government, and how far we have strayed from the Founder’s belief in the integrity of the citizen and his/her role in defending liberty, while keeping government agents in check, are well known and I will not opine about them again.

Suffice it to say that as a nation, we have stood by while the police forces of the USA have become a force that projects intimidation, fearful responses from the community, and a reputation for excessive force regardless of the need, making even routine contact with the public a major ordeal.

I have not had my head in my uttermost parts during the past several years. I know that the world is a changed and dangerous place. However, I simply do not believe that even if WWIII erupted tomorrow, we would somehow be better off in our devastated cities by the presence of Anchorage PD in Detroit, Michigan. Instead of hyper-reliance on anything state or fed, we should be equipping ourselves and our local neighborhoods for dealing with major security and safety issues OURSELVES. Any major event is going to see an immediate breakdown of law and order. Officers normally committed to protecting the public, are going to be out of action from injury death, or an overwhelming desire to protect (understandably) their own families, and an absence of police leadership at all levels. If we are really following the New Orleans example, we will see rogue officers that will make the common criminal seem like an old lost friend come for a visit.

My point is this. As a nation, we have lost our way on many fronts from the wisdom of our Republic builder’s dreams for a free, independent and courageous American people, who are able to handle most crises situations fairly well. What happened to "Peace Officers?" You know, the cop everyone knew, liked and respected because of his courage, devotion to duty and the citizens of the community. We are moving daily toward reviving the demons of the Waffen SS. This must stop. We have become nursery school children herded by our "parent" government to rely on WHATEVER is said by WHOMEVER says it, and by GOD you will obey, RIGHT NOW or else!

In all fairness, and to my many friends in law enforcement who know what I am saying is true and ominous, I thank you sincerely for a job well done each and every day you report for roll call.

If you like a militarized police state future, fine. I hope your chains are not chafing your wrists and ankles too much. However, for me, that is not acceptable. I choose to work toward my destiny and that of a free America within the constitution for sure, but without the unconstitutional agencies, decrees, laws, judge’s rulings, decrees from treasonous bureaucrats, threats and intimidation from goons masquerading as local and state policy makers or brain-washed, gun-toting morons like the New Orleans Chief of Police who ordered honest civilians to surrender to hell on earth—unarmed.

The time is coming fast when millions of Americans who still understand what this colossal struggle is all about here in the United States and around the world, have severe choices that are going to be required. The UN will not simply allow the US to continue as a sovereign nation when the rest of the world is under world government domination. That is not paranoia. That is simply the deduction one gets from reading the liberal newspapers. Your future actions will determine whether you will go to the re-education camp, or the internment camp for "troublemakers" (read that constitution supporters). Did you really believe that those conservative republicans and "little guy" protecting democrats were going to keep you from all harm, remember this: They are the ones who allowed this situation to occur.

It will be far too late to ever be free. It will never happen again that a liberty-minded people can set the building blocks for a prosperous nation, under God, and united to stand against the real evil in the world. The very people we armed and organized into this "national police force" and relied on to protect us, have become the new enforcers for an international banking, business, and centrally controlled world. The UN just might allow us to live on a few acres specified by Agenda 21, and these agents would be safe to force us into captivity because of world gun control. Gun control is people control. Just ask the California Highway Patrol and the "good guys" in New Orleans.

Greg Evensen, Americans for Constitutional Enforcement
National Director and Chair for the April 12-14, 2007, Kansas City "Heartland USA (United for a Sovereign America") Summit.
Greg is author of "The Sovereignty Papers." Articles may be used for any reprint as long as credit is given to the writer.

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