Stop whining and get with The Progromme

Stop whining and get with The Progromme

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little Brother
by Cory Dotorow

Here is a lucky find. Well, FOR YOU its a lucky find. I just payed $18 bucks for the book and so far it is worth every penny.

I was searching for a review to post and discovered that the author Cory Doctorow (Canadian journalist, blogger and co-editor of Boing Boing is offering this newly released book as a download for FREE!

I am only 1/4 into it and I am hooked! Here is a review and a link to the download. If you can afford it-buy the book. The man deserves to be paid for this entertaining and important work.

Blog: Dangerous Beauty

Little Brother review;

When I was in my early twenties, sometimes I got tickets to previews of movies. From this, I developed the test for a movie's worth: would I have still been as thrilled if I'd paid full price? ($6.50 in the mid-1980's), or did I want my two hours back if it was dreadful? (Aliens passed the full-price test, LadyHawke failed with flying colors.)As I said, my copy was a review copy. I got it for free, via FedEx. Little Brother will be about $13.00 on Amazon when it comes out on April 29th of this year. Even if I'd bought it at list ($17.95), it'd be worth every penny to be scared shitless and stagger around as paranoid as if I'd bonged a six-pack of Red Bull.I read Little Brother in one go this morning. I got into my favorite chair and read until the end, ignoring that I had to pee and my coffee was long gone. I couldn't be bothered to walk ten feet to start a DVD I'd ignore. The story is about a self-assured and smart-assed hacker named Marcus. Marcus runs on a combination of the arrogance and ignorance of the young Kevin Mitnick and the nothin'-but-good-times exhuberance of Ferris Bueller. Marcus' near-future San Francisco is a logical progression of our current state of cameras and metal detectors and intentionally humiliating airport stripteases. School-assigned laptops push ads as they spy on students. (I love this filip of shackling minds so that made-up needs can be shoveled into them, it's a fantastic bit of foreshadowing.) Schools have cameras that identify students by how they walk (after facial recognition was barely ousted), and students end up in the principal's office just for being suspicious.

This book is sold in the Young Adult section of the bookstore which put me off for a moment. Upon reflection I think Mr. Doctorow is brilliant. Kids growing up in this climate of fear and surveillance desperately need deprogramming avenues and this book is certainly one of them.
Definitely read it and pass it on to your kid or anyone else who fantasizes about thwarting the NSA, Homeland Security or just retaining a little anonymity in today's surveillance society.

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